Pronounced bur-nahThe Byrna HD (Home Defense) is a best-in-class CO2-powered hand-held personal safety device. The Byrna HD fires 68 caliber irritant chemical projectiles filled with a very powerful cocktail of OC (pepper spray) and CS (tear gas) in a single shot.

The Byrna HD can effectively deter, disorient and disarm potential attackers at distances of up to 18 metres. The compact design of the Byrna HD is ideal for concealed carry and can be taken virtually anywhere.

No federal permit or license is required to purchase or carry the weapon, there is no waiting period or background check to purchase and own the Byrna HD.

Byrna Technologies Inc. is a Massachusetts-based company with a long history of excellence in the manufacture of non-lethal weapons locally and in the surrounding area. Byrna also sells non-lethal ammunition to the military and to law enforcement and corrections agencies through its Byrna Law Enforcement division.